Monday, 26 December 2011

Boxing Day.

Spent the day doing nothing with my life - been playing with my new ‘christmas presents’ - my pops so kindly bought me an Instax 210 camera - (apparently the film for the Polaroid version is pretty shockingly expensive so I shan’t be buying that camera anytime soon) - the instax has a wider picture, which is nice - a little bit of the polaroid trend with a slightly more practical feel I suppose.
Pops also so kindly bought me a fisheye for my Holga camera and a Holga lens for my SLR - so far, it has been interesting - the photos aren’t great but then I’m not a great photographer.

Also found myself on Westwood TV from Val Thorens (Varsity Ski Trip) - bopping away. I’m so famous its unreal… (here it is... see if you can spot me...)... I understand Westwood isn't everyone's cup of tea, but once you hear him DJ you'll change your mind. He chats a lot of rubbish - most of it being X-rated and rather vulgar, but he played very decent music! After being in Cambridge for the past two months, you forget how you 'party hard' because no one gets into it. I felt sorry for Westwood because the crowd were not appreciating him as they should... These Oxbridgers... But my friends and I managed to get quite a lot of camera time... Because we were wellllll into it! Take me back!! Just to that day though... And when I shook hands with Miss Dynamite... WOOO! (so famous aren't I)

finally  i've started a blog. its a sad fact that at cambridge,  there is no time to make things look perfect. therefore i do not, and will not, apologise for my 'blog' looking boring and lacking any sense of individuality. I don't care, quite frankly. What I do care about is the fact that I've got a tonne of work to do, and absolutely no motivation to do it.
Paradise Lost, while being highly passionate and thrilling in parts... I quite simply do not care to read any more of it.

From pages 1 - 36, my text is completely covered in stupid annotations that make little sense and are mainly there to make me feel like I know whats going on.

Sidney's 'Defence of Poesy' on the other hand, while being highly repetitive, is extremely interesting and has many elements of Philosophy in - exciting stuff! I can't wait to discuss it with my fellow Englings when I get back to University (oh time, hurry up pleeease!) and my friend studying Classics as well as going along to some Philosophy lectures.

One of my dearest friends called me the other night (1.30am... thanks for that), and I realised how much I miss University! These past three months have been amazing. I've met the most amazing people; they're all so different and so passionate about what they do. Its truly inspiring! I've had late night conversations about religion - from 9 oclock until 4 oclock in the morning... FAB! Luckily for me, I have a central room... So people just keep on knocking. I pretend to hate this but, being an only child, I love the company. Turns out, people rarely knock these days and instead just walk straight in ... Makes me feel like I'm more of a public spectacle than anything else.

I also went skiing - I stayed with two of my best friends at Uni... As I mentioned previously, saw WESTWOOOOOD! My friend got uber keen over this - You'll see him in the Westwood TV Val Thorens thing plenty of times... Knows how to camera hog is all I'm saying...

I've had such fun catching up with all my friends from school as well back home. Its been loverrrrly. My mumma's enjoying having me back as well! All is good in the hood.

& Christmas was fun. Presents galore - feeling richer! I shall be visiting one of my Uni friends soon & meeting up with others in London to go shopping, theatre, art galleries & the like. Excited!

Time's going too quickly... Little bit scary. I'll be 19 in a few weeks.

Love and stuff x