Saturday, 31 December 2011

New people& an account of my day. Zzzzz

So I'm putting myself out there, networking, whatever. I'm getting to know new people and I like it.

Its a good thing. I want to have contacts. Its a big thing in this day and age and goodness knows I'm going to need a contact list with my career of an 'author' in later life - who can make money from being an author I ask you? Only the good ones. And I'm obviously not a good one.

Oh well.

I've had a good day today. Went to town with my father and bought some belated Christmas presents for my little cousins - they're ten and are still reading HUGE print books because they don't know what they really should be reading. So I bought them some classics: Michael Morpurgo, Gulliver's Travels, Terry Prachett! All the good stuff! I'm such a great cousin! Came to £38.98... Thank goodness Dad was paying!!

Boy, do I miss reading these books - no deadlines - no hassles - no worries - no stress! Life was once good...

Now there's too much to think about. Being a teenager/young adult (hate the term young adult actually...) is such a nightmare.

I can't wait for it to be over, quite frankly!

New Year's Eve tomorrow (today really). I'm going to my friend's 'house' party. It should be alright. Have family round the next day though so I can't be hungover or tired in the slightest! (See how that goes eh Saz?).

Never mind ... I can get through this.

and WORK STARTS ON MONDAY!!!! I've been delaying this holiday work for days and days on end! Weeks even. But Monday is the day... Hold me to that.

Safe x

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