Tuesday, 27 December 2011

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After being bored - and unfortunately extremely ill despite bragging about my wonderful immune system due to my daily dose of Vitamic C and Zinc - I decided to browse (stalk) a few of my friends. I noticed one of them had a blog... I know this guy pretty well, he's my best friend's boyfriend - (sometimes I like to abbreviate this to BFBF for a sense of mystery & top-secretness) - so I wasn't exactly expecting something big ... Or keen... Or anything like that. I know his tweets are long-winded from time to time, suggesting some interest in journalism and the like.

What I'm trying to get at ... His blog was amazing. Quite frankly, his writing was wonderful and would give any journalist out there a run for their money. I haven't known anyone to write such mundane things in such an interesting way - it could almost be a newspaper except his opinions are stated rather than anything 'politically correct' or whatever they rave about these days.

I've seen quite a few blogs in my time (I like to pretend I'm a lot older than I am... 18 years doesn't really count as 'my time', does it?) - some arty, depicting different trends of fashion with day to day ramblings and odd lines of poetry thrown in for the 'I'm deep, I'm emotional' look (just get real), others political and up to date on current affairs giving their opinions on the state of the economy etcetc (not really my thing) but this guys is just plain good.

Its him. It shows what he thinks, and he narrates his own life as though it were a fantastic drama series. Isn't that what we all see our lives as? A big fat drama.

Nothing interesting ever happens in mine. My best friends, and my boyfriend, all repeatedly mention that I'm 'boring'. Thanks cuties! You're probably wondering why such a boring person would write a blog. I said to my best friend on the phone last night, 'I've started a blog.' And he so supportingly answered 'Wow, that's great Sara. What does it say? "Hi I'm Sara and I'm writing a blog. Bye". I'm just surprised that Sara has things to say.'

I'm sure he's joking... I hope... I normally moan to him about everything so he knows I have things to say... Or maybe just moan about. Well no... I started a discussion with him the other day about green ketchup. Did you know, ketchup is green... They put colouring in it. Would people eat green ketchup?

Anyway, I digress. Life to each and every one of us is dramatic. Maybe only mildly so. But to us, ourselves, everything is of major importance. (Or maybe this is just a teenage thing). But surely our own financial worries feel bigger than the state of the economy in Britain. Surely? Surely my own weight gain feels much more important to me than the fact that obesity in the country is on the rise? My own day to day worries like me getting my work done in time for next term(!!!!!) hits a lot closer to home.

My life is dramatic to me. So when this blogger spoke about his life, I could see that his life is dramatic too. To me, that's what 'personal' blogging is about. I'm not doing it for art and all that crap- the fact I like photography (though I'm no good at it) is just another way of illustrating the words... Or just breaking up the lines of boring boring (my speciality) text. I'm not going to do anything special or make it look like a scrap book. I'm just going to try and write well. At the moment ... I'm not writing well. Since being at Cambridge, ironically, I've lost my 'creative' sense. I have to try hard to write well and less like an academic talking about Chaucer; I didn't pick up a camera once in my first term. I lost it, to tell the truth.

This blog will help me get it back. I don't care if people don't read it. I'll take it as an exercise. One day I'm going to write something good and people will know my name!! (But not my face... Can't deal with being hoarded by the paps... Ha ha I should be so lucky).

Love x

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