Wednesday, 18 January 2012


So I just brought my birthday in with a hug and a kiss from my best friend! We were watching the mind-fuck that is Black Mirror, and before I knew it he grabbed me and kissed me on the cheek saying 'Happy Birthday'. Cuuuute! Didn't even realise it was midnight myself.

Now my best friend and I have a very banterous relationship but suddenly all the abusive banter was abandoned and he was just nice and lovely to me :). My other best friend proceeded to ring me at 12:05. She's a cutie! She knocked on my door but I wasn't in:( she was worried for me.

I love my life right now. I was expecting a birthday call or text from someone else but it never happened. But maybe the people who wanted to be with me were with me. Its now 2 30ish and my friend just left my room after more procrastination and so called 'birthday celebrations'. He's great and is going to come out for my birthday which he never does. Therefore I know that I mean something to him.

He's worried that he's never going to get a girl if his best friend is a girl... He worries that he needs to be seen with the lads. Quite frankly any girl would die for a guy like him and I know it. Today made me realise how good he is to me. How brutally honest he is, but also how damn right committed he is as a friend. No one would do what he would do for me. Sometimes I feel like I fail to be as good a friend back to him. But all I can do is try my hardest.

My birthday so far has been great. Its all I wanted. I caught up with another friend earlier today - its weird how we never hang out but are actually so close. She's lovely. And wonderful. I told her she's everything I want to be. Its true. I wish I had her eye for art, her intelligence, her joviality. Everything.

But today is a day for realising your friends. I've realised. And I'm happy. I'd take a bullet for them.

Love x

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