Wednesday, 11 January 2012


So... I'm counting down the days 'til I go back to Uni. I'm going to have to spend the first few days absolutely locked in the library. I might even tell the librarian to not let me out and rely purely on my friends to bring me sustenance.

I can't wait though! I'm going to be walking the streets of Cambridge (it doesn't sound quite as cool as 'the streets of London' but oh well, we have King's College don't we. yaaaah!) taking photographs with my holga. I can't wait! :) My friend will be so proud of me... Though I won't let him get into every photo. I can't wait to see everyone and feel unknown for a little while. Of course, down Grange Road I'm pretty known and among the India Soc population. But in Hertford I can't really go a day without seeing someone I know. I never have my hair up here. In Cambridge I don't care if I look a mess. Apparently having my hair up makes me more attractive? Yeah, I'll believe that when it bags me a nice rich hubby... HAAA!

My bike should be getting its basket soon. And Vanity Fair came today. And someone told me my photography could well be featured on! AHHH. Check it out actually, it's pretty good!

Need more film for my Instax. That's a must before Uni. My mum is also buying me the teapot I want. I'm going for my Aunt's 'clutter' effect. She has so many great things everywhere but in her room its just like BOOM, mass of great things that don't go together but have this amazing effect. I love it.

I'm so happy with life at the moment. Probably because of the thought of Uni and seeing my nearest and dearest (except the gals who I leave behind :( love them. And my parents of course).

I can't wait to be surrounded by people who love talking about what they love. I'm most excited to see my friend studying Theology. I haven't spoken to her all holiday because she's been back in Belgium and I didn't even think to message her. But she's one of the most interesting people ever. She actually makes me open my eyes. She's wonderful. She's been through so much yet has the most positive outlook on life! She's wonderful...

I'm babbling but then this is pretty much my diary so why can't I? Talking of diaries; I found my diary from this time last year. Woah things have changed. I've changed.

I'll leave you with this gorgeous song. It's the song that always plays in my head as I'm cycling round Cambridge. It's the soundtrack to my life. Too much love for Bombay Bicycle Club.


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