Monday, 16 January 2012


Had a mental few days! Been catching up with Uni friends, having fuuun, chilling! You know. Also been in the library trying to do the work I should've done ages ago. Been playing with the fisheye lens while people jam in my room - I have the party room. Never can you have a deep conversation anymore because you know someone will come in an ruin it. Oh well.

To the right you can see two of my great loves of my heart. Don't tell them.

I was having a down moment earlier. I just realised that I hadn't been awake and alone for more than 20 minutes (showering). So when I was alone for what seemed like at least 30 minutes I suddenly crashed. It was the weirdest feeling. But before this 30 minutes could become 35 minutes, my friend popped in. And then my other friend. And then my other friend. So I couldn't be alone for long, wallowing in my self pity. But it's great.

My birthday soon. I'm not excited at all. We don't know what to do for it. How lame. I don't think I want to do anything special. Just jam with a few friends.

All my friends just left; they've got revision. English is the only subject which doesn't have exams after the first term. Lucky me, eh? Except I've still got loads of work to do. NIGHTMARE!

Having a good time back at Uni though. I've really missed it. Especially the people. They're all wonderful. Really wonderful. Uni's like a whirlwind... I don't know where the days are going, its crayzeee!

Love x

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