Tuesday, 24 January 2012

crayzeeeee few days

So I've had my birthday, my friends visited for the day from home, they didn't stay long but it was cute. We went shopping. Bought new clothes obviously. Was brilliant. Then went out for a meal with my QTs and chilled when I got in. Not the craziest birthday but definitely one of the best. The next day my best friend bought me birthday cake! WOO. He begged me to save him a piece but its all gone now, never mind. Then another of my best friends (ever...)  came down to stay with me... Ended up staying for five days.

We went out one night which ended up being brilliant - I'm now great friends with the bouncers! Could come in handy one day. Unfortunately, my beautiful best friend being absolutely skint, I had to spend 70 odd quid to fulfill his needs over the weekend - he better pay me back!!!!!!!! Its been good. Hectic, but good. We had a good catch-up and although he didn't leave me alone all weekend, because I'm so cool obviously, we ended up having a really good time and actually enjoying each other's company for a prolonged period of time and I found myself severely lonely when he went. My room was much quieter, but also smelt much much better....... Thanks babe. We had our first cooking experience together which resulted in me cooking... badly... and him criticising... incessantly. But I enjoyed it. And when he made me a cup of tea in the morning (I think this may actually have happened twice) I was absolutely shocked... Who knew an old (lazy) dog could actually be taught new tricks? Or maybe just learn some gentlemanliness. Hopefully I'll see him soon because I miss having someone to argue with about everything and having water thrown in my face and my credit card rinsed... Its ok, I love him really and would quite like him to come and visit again very soon because Cambridge seems to be an awful lot duller without him. And I don't get hugs whenever I want them anymore and I miss him an awful lot. I just hope this term hurries up so I can see him again at home and he can spend that 70 quid he owes me on me!

And now I've done my essay (managed to write it in a few hours) and I'll soon be starting all the work I've yet to do.

I shall be searching for the perfect passage in my all-time favourite book 'The God of Small Things' to illustrate 'free indirect speech' while listening to the xx and Metronomy.

Back to reality, Saz. 

Love x

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