Saturday, 14 January 2012

Leaving day.

So I spent the whole of yesterday throwing sarcastic comments at my severely hungover friend. He loved it though, trust me. Despite being on the verge of actual death. Saw some of my other friends, said our goodbyes. (I did say we'd skip the emotional stuff... There were no tears this time, which I'd actually been hoping for). I then got home, my papa had fixed a basket on my bike (propercambridgestyle) and then went for a meal with the fammo after opening my presents.

I got a fisheye lens for my pentax, and 60 shots for my Instax. 1 a day at Uni! Yaaaay!!

My DOS sent me his report as well. He basically loves me. I'm pleased. Makes me feel a bit better about doing no work. He teaches me PracCrit, the only thing that I actually want to do well in. Thinking I might specialise over the next few years? Become an Academic like him, wear long trench coats and expensive jumpers and trousers with a wall covered in books and a sofa I can jump on in order to reach them. (He's so hip its unreal... I want to be him.)

So its my birthday soon. Some friends from home are hopefully visiting me on the day. Another friend is staying with me the day after and I'll show him that Cambridge is not actually the worst place in the world despite his previous (Pembroke) experience. (Need I say more?). and of course all my Uni friends will throw bags of presents at me and kiss my feet because I'm the best person they know... Joke.

Looking forward to it. But first, to pack, and then to leave, and then to unpack, and then to go visit all my friends, and then to sleep, and then to finish my holiday work...


Love x

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