Sunday, 29 January 2012

library sesh

So I'm in the library. I wanted to be really daring and get the seats up the top in the little alcove bit - the background is shelves of books. Unfortunately, this alcove had been taken... I'll go there later tonight and see if I can get there. Instead I settled for taking photographs of myself in my usual seat, right in the corner... I like corners... Here are these pictures - I like to feel risky by taking webcam photos in the libraryyy.

I'm so vain.

Anyway - here are some more photos from yesterday and a recount of the entertaining events.

  • Friend came round to talk to my parents for ages - he studies Hindi so wanted to chat to my mum in Hindi.
  • Friend left. Parents and I took some more photos and tried on new clothes. 
  • Parents left. Went to friend's for shisha. Had a wicked conversation then spilt the shisha on me!! Coals burnt a hole in the chair and nearly a hole in me and my new leggings...
  • Reassembled shisha - swapped chairs around. 
  • Porters came round to check for 'unacceptable activity' of which shisha is included... He looked through the window - didn't seem to care. 
  • Went to visit my other friend - 2am by this point. 
  • Cycled to town in the freezing misty cold. 
  • Took photographs - our first in Cambridge together! 
  • Bought food, went home, ate food, chilled. 
  • Bed time: 6:00am... Oh.

Been a good day. Except I had a phone bill of £94.94 - don't ask how, and I had to pay it... And I haven't received a text from my favourite person in hours... :(

Love x

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