Thursday, 12 January 2012


12 days into the new year I thought I'd actually make some resolutions and this time, I'll stick to them.

  1. Take photographs whenever possible.
    Basically taking photos used to be the only thing I ever did beside writing but it's taken a backseat ever since the end of GCSEs. This was mainly because my Art teacher made me hate it a little. She made me do so much stuff that was quite simply rubbish. I like to say that I managed to ace that exam by not listening to a word she said and doing my own thing thank you very much.
  2. Eat less!!!!!!!
    At my college at University, we have the best food in the whole of Cambridge. I'm not even lying though some Pembrokers would claim that theirs is the best only because they like to think that they're the best at everything. this is a lie. Therefore I end up eating two big meals a day. I cycle, yes, I walk, yes. But that's not really enough. Plus I now have this horrible post-Christmas podge to contend with. I'm going to live off soup this term. Simple. Maybe if they have lasagne on the menu then I might reconsider...
  3. Put my work first!This is something I claim to do but I definitely don't do. I used to rush my work so I could have the evenings (and consequently the early hours of the morning) to talk to my friends about everything and anything. I'd take a good 2 hours out for dinner... Bad Sara!! This term I actually am going to get a First in my Renaissance Literature. Prac Crit, I'm there. But Old English and Renaissance... bring it bitch. Though my friend said a 2'1 at Cambridge is basically a First anywhere else... Which is actually kind of gutting. One of my tutors even put 'Satisfactory' for my progress!! Rude! I progressed...... Surely?
I even might stick to these resolutions this year. I need to get myself organised. I have so much to do there's no time to even worry about emotions and crap like that (though, knowing me, I'm sure I'll make time).

I'm going out tonight with one of my friends however she's going with all her school friends as well... So its going to be pretty awkward but who cares. I wanted to go out so I am. Some friend's from Uni are going out in Cambridge and invited me along but during term I have more than enough opportunities to go out there ... I'll pass.

Love x

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