Sunday, 5 February 2012

amazing weekend

So I went home this weekend and two of my best friends stayed over. Unfortunately having two smelly boys sharing your bed is not how I wanted to enjoy my luxurious double bed, but it was fun and because outside the temperatures were below freezing, it was actually a blessing in disguise - the smell, not so much.

We had an amazing time; I've missed them so much. From growing up with them as children, I haven't seen them enough recently. They are my brothers despite their disgusting attempts at 'flirting'.

My parents loved seeing me as well.

And the snow; the icing on the cake. (Get it?)

Unfortunately it meant that my dad wanted to drop me home early - which sucked a little but my friends got to see a bit of my college - we helped a girl get onto the main road as well.

It was the most amazing weekend; I love those boys so much. Miss them much.

Thought I'd venture to the windows and take some pictures of the garden before I left:

And before I go, I went to sleep listening to this song. Always need a Dido day and seeing as the boys were snoring, I needed something to block out the noise.

Love x

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