Saturday, 25 February 2012

my love has concrete feet,

Last night I went to the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) bop which my college hosted. It was brilliantly fun! One of my close friends was behind the bar so he kept snidely giving me double malibus and coke free of charge... Just me, because I'm so speshal so speshal so speshal.

The cool people will know what song that's from.

The brilliant thing about Cambridge is everything happens late at night; I was planning on just having an early night, going to the library, but it got to 10 and my friend told me to come to our bar. So I went and it was LIVE. So we then decided to go to the bop, after eating a huge, disgusting pizza.

It was great.

And today I'm wearing a dress - as part of my 'no ugly clothes' for lent thingy...

going for the shabby chic with the barbour on top. my staple coat.

I'm looking pretty worse for wear and getting tired of these webcam photos... Which so far have been pretty much daily. But if I can't take a webcam photo of my outfit... there must be ugly clothes involved.

I will now spend the rest of my day doing work, chatting to friends, cycling around Cambridge, writing letters and I'll continue writing some of my book. Life is fucking good.

oh shit gang gang. 

love x

p.s. a bop is the Cambridge term for 'party' or 'disco'. And they're normally so cheesy. But that's why we love 'em.

also, this song just came on my ipod and I saw someone outside jump out of their skin. Enjoy. 

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