Wednesday, 29 February 2012

so jel i can't even walk...

So today I just had a supervision with the greatest man alive. (Other than my father and my grandfather).  He loved my essay (comparing More's Utopians to Dahl's Umpalumpas... genius!).

I've just seen something that has made my heart drop... love it when this happens. 'I'm so jel I can't even walk' is how I described this feeling... HAHA.

I have to do this pose so you can see how lush my shoes are... loving my new bag... which I got 30% off because it wasn't the colour advertised and I had balls enough to complain!! 

i wanted you to know whenever you are around i can't speak, i can't speak... 

infatuation. not good. 

love xxxx

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  1. I came across your blog via the eliott erwitt shots and I love your style, your blog is great.