Monday, 13 February 2012

So yesterday I had a really good night. My friend put her pole up in her room and taught me some moves - by the end of this term I'm going to be a pro! It's decided.

I then went and had a 'girly night' in one of my friend's rooms; she invited loads of her friends and then my best friend's twin sister arrived. She's amazing - more amazing than my friend himself. I've just been cooking with her.

She'll be at Cambridge next year and it'll be so good to see him have the second part of him back.

I'm now revising different verb types of Old English. Great!! Never mind...

I love life at the moment. Things are good; my friend is really stressed but its ok because he'll push through - he has to, because he's my rock. Selfish of me. I'm just glad he doesn't hate me anymore for not picking up his calls.

I'm happy because there are so many possibilities at the moment. I'm going home again on Thursday - because I just can't keep away - and then everything's going to be perfect with work and stuff. I'm motivated. I think its because I've made an effort with my appearance. Its probably because my friend's sister has the best dress sense I've ever seen and therefore I kind of need to make a slight effort in order to not be completely overwhelmed.

Oh and here's my council-estate college.

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