Tuesday, 14 February 2012

the strangest valentines day in a long time.

So turns out Cambridge (or at least my lovers) go hard on Valentines day.

I spent my first 6 hours of my waking day in the library then went to dinner after bumping into my friend acting very sneaky. Hiding something behind her back...

At dinner she told me there were presents in my pigeon hole - then tricked me by suggesting that actually she looked at the wrong pigeon hole... (there are two Saras).

Went down to my pigeon hole ... Found 2 presents (to add to the envelope full of lovehearts from ma bros the previous day).

One from my bestie, obviously, (with a note saying: 'Baby, let me take you to the candy shop'... typical him)and one from my galfriendddd, with a note comparing me to Mila Kunis.

Spent the next few hours with my main man in his room. Then went back to find a message in love heart post-it notes on my door. LOL!!

Crazy stuff.

I'm now completely confused as to who it is... Awk!

Been a really interesting Valentines day.

Love my friends/secret admirers.

love x

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  1. See that's waaaaay cooler than a bunch of flowers and a bar of poxy chocolate!