Tuesday, 7 February 2012

taking the piss. time to go wallow in self pity with my best friend's arms around me. though he better piggy-back me to my room afterwards because the ice on the walkway is still totalement dangereux.

right now the only person i need is him, because he's the only person who knows what i'm going through. he so kindly told me that if we're 27 (bit young I know) and we're not married, we're going to marry each other. quite content with that idea at the moment; even if we were married just for friendship he wouldn't look at another woman. my mum would be proud of me to bring him home. he'll get big-headed when he reads this.

i'm quite happy with life. the people who want to be in it, they'll fight for it. the people who don't, they'll leave.

being alone is bad for me at the moment. so there's me going home because i need 'alone' time. now here's me making sure that my door is always wide open so people come in all the time.

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