Tuesday, 6 March 2012

alarm: off.

So I've set my alarm. Its officially OFF
I spent 6-10 in the library, planned, started and finished my essay so I can have a complete bed day tomorrow! Woo! 

I planned to spend the evening watching films/Ryan Gosling naked, but my best friend paid me a visit on his way to the library and has only just left (went to bed rather than the library... oops! productivity GONE). We went to get some chips - pondered going out, decided to go out, decided chips were all we needed for a good night. 

I love that guy. I don't think I could ever say I have a REAL friend, but now I can. For definite. No one would do the things he would do for me. I hype about this boy too much but he's a friend for life. He really is. He'll never know how grateful I am to him for everything. He's not someone who'll tell me what I want to hear, he'll tell me the truth. He won't lie to me, he'll never keep secrets from me and he'll always put me first.

Talking about people we care about. I miss you.

Love x

P.s. Ryan Gosling is my husband. 

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