Friday, 16 March 2012

amazing night

so we queued for ages, but my friend was adamant we went in (a girl of course....!!). our other friend got told to leave the queue (he'd queued for an hour and a half) because he'd been known to start drunken fights with bouncers before... and now can't get into any club in cambridge which is actually ridiculous. so that was a shame.

so we were all prepared for a really shit night! but it was actually amazing. my friend's 'girl' wasn't there, which meant he spent the whole time introducing us to new people and teaching me how to dance properly and we spent the whole time mocking 'cambridge' dancing and going that one step further and going all out... people were clearly intimidated of us all... but we were completely taking the piss.

a few of my male friends fancy themselves as beyonce... and the mock serenades towards the end of the night were classic and so amusing. oh my.

s'all i'm saying.

amazing night. amazing people. amazing memories.


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