Tuesday, 13 March 2012

'siri said so'

We walked with my friend's sister to town where we said goodbye to her for a week, (for him) and two weeks (for me) as I'm going to visit the two of them and it's lovely because now I don't have to refer to her as my friend's sister, but rather my friend... Or even my sister. She's wonderful and we get on so well. I've really enjoyed my weekend with the two of them. Then my friend and I spent some time in town, getting frustrations at life off our chests.

My friend has an iPhone now and while I was cooking he text me and told me I HAD to come and see him because he was rolling on the floor laughing at 'Siri'. If you have an iPhone, you'll know who Siri is... He's quite useful but also so amusing! I've just spent ages with him procrastinating. We have such jokes, its so funny and Siri just adds to our humour.

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  1. These are amazing photographs!
    And I have found Siri really hilarious too.