Monday, 19 March 2012

sunny days

So its a gorgeous day, but this is England so I'm sure its also quite cold... (I haven't been out yet). I'm feeling in a bit of a slouchy mood... having woken up at around 1 o'clock and got out of bed at 2, so I'm wearing my tatty jeans which are definitely going to fall apart soon, my Matalan t-shirt which I cut to make it a crop t-shirt (innovative...!) and my hair is in a very very messy side plait.

Its okay, no one has to see me, but I actually like this look. Especially with some sandals. Gladiators or otherwise. Or even better, these beauts from Asos/Topshop.

And here's my summer song: listening to this always reminds me of the summer before University, before stress, before the constant missing friends and family from home. Sobsobsob.