Wednesday, 7 March 2012

'we don't need to speak, we know we're there'

So I went for my 'rabbit' shirt today, with my 'duck' necklace, given to me by one of my bestest friends ever - our first 'date' was duck-watching as we like to call it, and she has a boat as well.. Which is where the necklace gets its cute-ness and sentimentality from.


Went to a formal today; flirtatious looks from across the room. MEGALOLZ.

Could it be that time has taken it's toll? I'll take you so far, I am in control. And we were lovers, now we can't be friends; fascination ends; here we go again. 

And here are some pictures my friend just uploaded of me and my bruddah from anuddah muddah.

Hideous. But there is lots of love there.


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