Sunday, 8 April 2012


I'm ill. I went to my Aunt's birthday party yesterday in Richmond and ever since have been extremely ill and my parents aren't even here to dish out the sympathy and the hot water bottles etcetc because they've gone for dinner with my granny and grandad.

On the bright-side, Cambridge beat Oxford in the boat race yesterday - pleasing. An eventful race as well.

So I'm bored and ill and wish someone would come and comfort me. Had long phonecalls with my best friend to cheer me up, which has alleviated the pain and boredom momentarily. However I'd now like someone to come and look after me until my mummy and daddy get back. :( 

I'm going sari shopping tomorrow (if I'm better) for my cousin's wedding, which should be good. And then the rest of the week I must spend doing work, hopefully seeing my dear Charlie, if he actually can be bothered, and my gals before they all fudge off back to Uni.

love x

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