Friday, 6 April 2012


I'm having a good Friday... get it? ... Anyway, seeing as my family aren't particularly religious we're just chilling at home, eating, watching films, recovering from last night... Well I am anyway. 

I enjoy lazy days, but today I wish I could get out of the house. It might wake me up a bit. Instead I've had thoughts mulling over in my head, thinking about the choices I've made in life and how it's got me to this point. I'm not going to go extremely soppy, don't worry. And my life is pretty damn good, so the choices can't have been that bad! 

Sometimes I wonder whether if I'd chosen something else I'd be in a better place, I'd be happier, I don't know. Who does know?

But I'm a strong believer of everything happens for a reason. And I hope thats true. It's certainly a copout for everyone. When something goes wrong, I'll just say to myself 'well, it was meant to be this way'. Now I'm not sure. Maybe sometimes I do just make the wrong decisions.

From now on, I'm going to make the right decisions. I'm one of those people who always think with my heart. From now on, Sara will start thinking with her head. 

But then I am 19... and thinking with my heart isn't such a bad thing at this age. Its when life gets serious I need to... 
Anyway... Rant over, and I'll leave you with some beautiful portraits from my Vanity Fair Portraits book... Because Vanity Fair is my life. 4eva.

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  1. I love ballet and the last picture is super beutiful!