Friday, 13 April 2012

i luv u

'ain't that your gal' 'nah ain't ma gal' 'i swear thats your gal' 'course it aint ma gal' 'she just got juiced up' 'oh well' 'she just got chatted up' 'oh well'

'swear thats your man' 'i aint got no man' 'you was with that man' 'he was just any man' 'he got hotted up' 'oh well' 'he got whacked up' 'oh well'

'i like your girl so you better look after your girl or i might take your girl and make your girl my girl'

These lyrics make me laugh and pretty much depict the social happenings on nights out at the moment. Its brilliant. Girls with guys, one of them being chatted up, the other pretending like they don't care. Men trying to steal the women of other men. 

These men need to beware and hold on tighter to their women so they don't stray... Tut tut.

lolz. enjoy 

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