Tuesday, 22 May 2012

diary entries are completely underrated. i wrote in my diary for the first time in a year just now. i'm always stronger when i write because i get rid of all the silly thoughts in my head which cloud my judgement and i can say what i truly think and feel.

i respect the 'written' me an awful lot more than the brash, spoken me. writing takes longer so you have more time to think about what youre saying. that helps.

i know exactly what i want now, and after spending a whole day in bed because i've been ill, i'm ready to put on nice clothes, use up my last few holga shots, do some work, cycle in to town to meet my friend for coffee and smile because for once, it'll be sunny.

i'm a lot happier now. all thanks to a stupid diary entry. i'll look back at it in a few months, i hope, and laugh at all my woes, because by then what i would have been speculating about would have happened and i'll feel like i'm giving little younger sara a lesson.

i looked back at my previous diary entry. i remember the day exactly. i was a silly girl; i've grown since then. i know what i want from life now.

i also know that life won't go as you expect it to. thus far, for me, it has. but it won't forever. and i'm excited for what is to come and i can't wait for my friends to come along with me, and to meet new friends along the way.


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  1. I couldn't agree more! Diaries are forever :-)

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