Tuesday, 29 May 2012

exam term

exam term has been my favourite so far; the weather has been beautiful, i have a tan, and my friends are amazing. the stress that others are feeling has not affected me except its taken a few friends from me and forced them to spend days on end in the library, meaning i can't see them half as much as i did before.

being an first year english student means NO EXAMS, and therefore i've spent my life being really romantic and stuff... yesterday, me and my friend took a bike ride to grantchester, the most beautiful village ever. saturday was a lazy day in the garden; one of our friends from homerton college gave us a visit and we all went out for a chinese later and ended up in the pub watching the football and then eurovision.

today we messed around again; doing no work; making funny faces, and going to town millions of times. i want this weather to last forever!

Isn't she beautiful!

love x

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