Saturday, 26 May 2012


Today was fantastic. I wanted to get up early to enjoy the sunshine, pick up my holga photos, do some sunbathing, all before my supervision at 2. We had ice cream and bourbon biscuits for breakfast, perfect, and kopparberg and bulmers for dinner. We are living the life.

I've changed my outfit 4 times today; and every time I have walked past the window of the private study room so they probably all think I'm either a freak, or have several identical twins.

While sunbathing in Peterhouse deer park, a cat kept trying to come and take our drinks so the boys had to chase it away... But it kept coming back for more. LITERALLY DETEST CATS. Sorry to all you cat luverrrrrrs out there... they're just not right.

Just watched the woman in black with my best friend, and a bit of the vow though I couldn't watch anymore because I'm knackered and it made me sad because it wasn't getting happy quickly enough... Personally I wanted to watch a Disney movie after the woman in black, but 'the vow' was the happy medium.

I couldn't go another day without a trip to gardi's... OOPS. cheesy chips and burger sauce will, probably most literally, be the death of me. 


  1. This place looks lovely! I love your blog, it's so easy to read and nice to see :) xxx

  2. this pics are awesome!
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