Friday, 18 May 2012


So I spent the whole of the day OUT and ABOUT, yesterday. spent it with two of my closest friends; we went for lunch, then a few drinks, then cycled home, got changed into heels and smart attire and went (cycled in heels, definitely the biggest challenge of my life to date) to watch the racism debate at the union, which was incredibly heated and uncomfortable at points, especially for a mixed race kid like me; met some of my best friend's friends, who are all lovely and sparked conversation while we waited for my friend to stop talking to the debaters (because apparently he has to...). We then went to watch a play which was hilarious, came home, scanned in photos while eating chips, and went to sleep. Which, for an English student is a busy day. 

love x


  1. nice photos dear, you are so beautiful! :)

  2. Sarah, I looove the red lips! I have recently tried out red lipstick and I am now OBSESSED! Great blog, I will be following!!!!