Wednesday, 16 May 2012


so yesterday was a productive day for me; i finished my essay, caught up with friends, read some poetry (my poetry anthologies came), took photographs to alleviate the boredom, cycled to town before stuffing my face impulsively with macdonalds, went to a shakespeare film night... (so boring) and then spoke to my friend about our 'marital issues'... college married... brings so many problems. 

i'm also a lot happier now; now that me and my friend are friends again, i feel that i can tackle more again. last week was a horribly emotional week, i do hate being emotional, i hardly ever am, but last week... oh ma gaaaah that was bad.

i've also kidnapped my friends glasses... so he can't get distracted when revising by doing exactly what i'm doing in the above photographs... i'm doing him a favour... honestly.

love x

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