Wednesday, 2 May 2012

silver lining

So today has been wonderful, which is surprising, as it started off pretty shit. I had an amazing supervision, and feel so clever and intelligent, having my ideas actually praised by a professor is one of my all-time (geeky) dreams and ambitions in life... LOL.

I watched Othello, so had a nice blub with my fellow Engling. I need to find a man who loves me as Othello loves Desdemona... HOWEVER, one who trusts me MORE than Othello ever trusted the poor love. Fuck stirrers, Iago, you are a COCK.

And the 'College Marriage System' has been hitting it off. Two of my friends were proposed to. and so was I. Happy daysss! We will be given our 'children' in October; how exciting, my 'hubby' and I in charge of little fresher kiddies.


But for now, despite the underlying upset of my day, I'm feeling fantastic. My best friend is happy again; he has his girl; even if my happiness is fluctuating, I revel in his.

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