Monday, 7 May 2012

spaghetti carbonara

I couldn't think of a title for this post... So I wrote the first thing I thought of.... Make of it what you will.

I have recently bought umpteen new sunglasses (although there is no sun to wear them out), and a chain for them... Because I'm an old person who might lose their glasses otherwise. (I'm bringing sexy back).

I'm such a poser... I'm sorry. I also bought a denim jacket when dragging my boyfriend round the shops as punishment for making me wait hours for his arrival. We both agreed on the lighter colour.

Now, double denim? Is this a risk I should take? Or should I just firmly avoid it? 

I've had a really great weekend, despite it being an emotional rollercoaster, because I seem to be highly emotional at the moment.. I blame the weather. Unfortunately, I shan't see my boyfriend until summer now... Which is breaking my heart piece by piece, minute by minute. BUT... I will survive... 

In the meantime, I'll immerse myself in poetry, drunken picnics, sunshine (when the sky wishes to part its clouds), shitty chick flicks, late night chats, maybe a bit of work thrown in... 

I just wish I could clone him, and shrink him down and keep him in my pocket so when I get bored I can get my mini-version out, put him on the table and have a chat or just make fun of him... 

I miss him :(


  1. Following your blog via bloglovin'! Love those glasses!

  2. great sunglasses! I wish I could wear sunglasses, but I've got eyeglasses:) I should probably invest in some prescription shades lol. love the photos! great post.