Monday, 11 June 2012


So May Ball is this coming Friday and my shoes arrived on Friday but were too big!!! So I ordered them in burgundy... but ACCIDENTALLY sent them home so my friend's going to have to bring them up when she comes IF they arrive in time. This is the nightmare I was absolutely dreading!! :(

My friend's have all been having dilemmas recently: my friend had her whole bag stolen in London, losing everything of importance, another is wanting her ex back, another is stressing about exams, and I'm just miserable always. May ball stress and work doesn't help!! :( We're all in a pickle. 

I need to go out and enjoy the sunshine but WHAT SUNSHINE?! 

On the train back to Uni yesterday I got off at Kings Cross and met up with a family friend, basically my brother. He was waiting by the ticket barriers with a pasty for me. We went for coffee while I waited for the next train and we had a good catch up. He's going to Paris next year, and I have no doubt that he'll be a success. We've had good and bad times, some very bad times, but he'll always look after me like a big brother. Its nice to know that he'll jump on the tube to come and see me whenever just to cheer me up. 

I'm going to have a nice Indian takeaway tonight and watch a film with a friend to take his mind off the exams he has tomorrow. Unfortunately we have to drive to the takeaway place and he drives like he's got a death-wish... 

Wish me luck! 

My May Ball outfits are all sorted except for my shoes... But they're not a big big issue. But they are really... because I NEED THEM!!! But I'm looking forward to it now. 

My best friends are coming up soon so we'll be going out every night and getting smasheroonied. 

I can't wait for summer now. As long as there's some sun! I'm going to miss my Uni friends so much; I've come to depend on them so much these past few months. I don't know what I'd do without them. I'm going to invite some of them to come and stay with me in my little ol' town. 

I'm disappointed that both my may ball dresses are black, but black is slimming... Right? I'm excited. I've been given the task of finding my friend a man in may week, so this is going to be fun!!! 

love x

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  1. Your friend will love it here in Paris! Hope everything has turned godd for u:)