Wednesday, 20 June 2012


Without a doubt my week has been amazing.

My beautiful friends came down to visit me last Wednesday; we went out and showed Cambridge what skanking is really about. On Friday was Robinson May Ball; we had the wonderful Donae'o headlining. I met some amazing people; spent time with my special ones; and everything went down.

Honestly, it is probably the most amazing night of my life to date. Wearing massive heels from 9pm until 6am... KILLER. Seeing my home of the last year transformed into a fairground, with bumper cars, food stalls, a main stage, a comedy stage, an acoustic stage, a gladiators game thing, red carpets everywhere, even a massage and beauty parlour!!! IT WAS AMAZING to say the least.

It took a good few days of recovering but on Monday I was May-Ballin' again; spent the night with my nearest and dearest; I shan't lie, Robinson College Ball was the best! BUT Rizzle Kicks headlined, AND, the perks of having an overly outgoing friend; JORDAN WAS HAVING EYE SEX WITH ME!!!!!!

:) Life is good!!

Today I spent the time parading around town in heels, eating ice cream with my two girls, and then came back to college, trekked to Trinity backs, and watched St. Johns fireworks. The most spectacular fireworks display you will see in your life! They spend around £150,000 on their fireworks display, more than Robinson spend on their whole ball in fact!!! And it was good! I'm so jealous that my friend managed to get a ticket to the actual ball, but next year, watch this space, I'll be there, in my ball gown, partying it up with Magnetic Man or whatever ridiculous act they had.

I'm so excited to upload the pictures!

love x

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