Monday, 4 June 2012

that's my bitch

i've had the most amazing few days. 

on thursday, i went to london and met up with my best friends from home; we all went out and i had the opportunity to wear my new dress. i came back to cambridge, severely hungover, for my supervision, then hopped back on the train home; once home, i spent time looking at baby photos. always the best way to spend 'home time'. 

sunday was my cousin's engagement party, and i ended up going out with my cousin and some of his friends; i woke up at his friend's house; all of us severely hungover... again. and today, i'm back at cambridge, about to spend an evening chilling with my besties, trying to calm those down who have exams soon, and celebrate with those who have finished. 


i've had the most amazing time; i don't really want to get back down to work. BUT may ball is two weeks away, and then may week... the drunkest week of the whole academic year. i'm so excited. and then for summer; portugal with my best friend, visiting uni friends in lincolnshire and my yearly trip to cornwall i suppose. another girls' holiday to bournemouth... WOOOO.

love x


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