Friday, 27 July 2012

dolly days

clearing out my mum's wardrobe has been fun! i found these beauties. while slightly battered, and worn with age, they're as beautiful as ever.

i'm not normally a fan of kitten heels (what's the point? all the pain with hardly any (height) gain??!), but i'm making an exception for these beauties.

i've coupled them with some cute socks for the overall 'dolly' effect, and i envisage beautiful collaborations with my peter pan collared dresses!

hope you're all good, i've been absent for a while. my holiday was amazing, pictures will be here soon!

keep in touch, i've been m.i.a on IFB as well, so will be replying to everyone in due time.


  1. What a great find those shoes were! I love them :) Also love your blog!
    I am hosting a giveaway on my blog for a beautiful bracelet and I'd love for you to enter! Check it out :)
    Georgia xx

    1. Thanks for entering the giveaway dear! Could you pop back over and leave your contact email on a comment? So that I contact you if you win :) Thank you!
      Georgia xx