Wednesday, 11 July 2012

may week

Here are some pictures from the rest of my may week. Chillinggg, lazing about, enjoying the sun (sun which seems to have disappeared for the past few weeks).

When I get my disposable cameras developed you'll see a HACKNEY WEEKEND post. Probably the most amazing day of my life. Seeing Kanye and Jay Z again ALONG WITH M.I.A, MY ABSOLUTE IDOL, and Rihanna (again) was probably the best thing thats happened to be recently. So I'll be hyped for that one.


  1. ok first I AM JELOUS!! Kanye Jay Z M.I.A Rihanna !!'s unfair I wanna come with youuuu!Haha and i must say very very stylish outfit on the first picture! Love it xxx

    1. It was amazing. Kanye and Jay Z together are probably the best thing the human senses could be rewarded with. (Can you tell I'm in love with them???) Xxxx