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So! Basically, I've been looking for a blogger to feature for some time. But little did I know, my blogger was right under my nose.

My bestie and blogger Fathima is a fantastic blogger, a beautiful woman, and a great fashionista! 

We have a blog together, which you may, or may not, know about. TWO BROWN SUGARS where you can witness her fitness and her amazing style. She's been an inspiration to me for years, and now she can be an inspiration to you!

Introduce yourself!!!
Hai, I'm Fathima Hafsa you could just call me Fatty everyone does, it's just a lot easier to say. I'm 20 years old and I used to go to school with little Sara (that's how we know each other). Well I'm basically Sri Lankan and I LOVE SRI LANKA but I grew up in Dubai. I spent 15 years there so in a weird way it's more 'home' than Sri Lanka is. However, I live in ENGLAND now :'D and I'm having the time of my life! (wasn't meant to sound sarcy) but it is great. I've learnt so much more and this has allowed me to broaden my view of life!

Who inspires you most fashion wise?

There's no one clear cut  inspiration. I love a bit of everything to be honest. When I think 'androgynous' I think Alexa Chung just because to her, 'Sexy' doesn't mean wearing the tightest item or showing a freakish amount of skin and she makes it look so sleek. Btw I love the whole 'SLEEK' look! Honestly, I think designers inspire me more than 'Icons'. The clothing, accessories and the way it's all styled has a bigger impact on the way I see
it all.

Where's your favourite place to shop and why?
Mmm, this is a tough one. Mainly because there's no single specific place I like to shop. I like a little bit of everything, I'm more of a person who looks for items than the brand itself. And my shopping varies from charity shops to Mulberry (not that I shop there a lot haha).

Do you prefer vintage, thrift, high street or designer?
I've kind of answered this a bit before, I like a bit of everything. However, I try not to buy too much high street but if I do by high street I try and get items that are still on the rack towards the end of the sales. For two main reasons; firstly its ALOT cheaper then! And secondly I know
that no one would wear those items so I could add my own touch to it. The one thing I HATE is when someone has the same clothing as me and even worse if they style it the same. But I like designer too, I like to think I can afford all of it but I obviously can't! So I save up and try to buy one or two little bits, mainly essentials. I don't get that much though.

How do you spot a bargain and what do you look out for?
Okay, firstly I think it's important to know that if you're completely in love with something GET IT. There's no need to stop yourself from being heartbroken later. I usually have a set budget in my head knowing how much an item is worth (I've got so used to bargain shopping!) but I think the worst is jewelry. Its hideously priced my advice would be to wait till it all gets reduced and trust me it does! I ALWAYS BUY JEWELRY ON SALE. Apart from price, as I said before, I look for items that I can make my own. One's that I know my friends won't wear or the best bargain ever! I go shopping in my mum's wardrobe.

Do you know what you want before you shop or find hidden gems along the way?
Nope, I like browsing so I just roam around at times I just find items I like and at other times I don't. I find this the best way to shop just because I'm never irritated or frustrated at the end of a shop (that's the worst feeling possible).

Who do you shop with or are you a lone-shopper?
Haha, this is embarrassing or cute, I'm not quite sure. I shop with my mum. I love my mum, she is brilliant and she tells me exactly what she thinks! She encourages me to buy items I usually won't look at and she gives me the best advice (both fashion and life problems).

How often do you shop?
As I said before, there's no specific time I like to shop. If there's something I like I grab it and I like bargain shopping, I never spend too much and it makes me feel better about myself.

What are your top 3 style tips?
Oh god. Okay so,

Preferably a bright bold colour just because, even if you're in a tshirt or wearing a boring outfit it automatically brightens up the outfit and gives it that edge (usually).

#2 Killer heels
I think black is the safest to go with, get a comfy pair but SEXY/BOLD. BOLD is basically the way forward :P Fashion to me is visual items that describe your personality. So it's important to get it right, especially with shoes! 

#3 White t-shirt
Just because one that suits your body type will look sexy if worn right. Even during the day a nice white shirt could be paired with so much. It's basically a must have!

What's your favourite outfit?
Deary dear. There's no 'one' perfect outfit. There's several! I like the sleek finish so I like well cut dress paired with a boyfriend blazer and wedges/brogues. I also like the white baggy t-shirt with skinny jeans and flip-flops/converse. To me the most important thing would be how I accessorise, the finish is everything!

Describe your perfect day...
First one would be by the beach, in Sri Lanka where the waves are perfect and sand is soft, laying on a sun bed sipping my coconut drink and reading a wonderful classic.

So... If you like what you see/read... have a look at her blog. plus you can ask her anything yourself using the ask page on this site! Just address it to Fatty, :) 

lots of love x

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