Wednesday, 22 August 2012

the friday sun bears down again

here are some of my best friends in the whole world spending their summer days with me in the park.

i'm missing them after wedding week.

And a few more from portugal:

I'm currently looking at pictures from this summer, and missing the friends I spent most of it with, and wishing I'd seen a few more of my friends a bit more before the summer slipped away from us so quickly. 

I'm excited for a fresh new term at uni, meeting all the freshers and starting the friendship game all over again. I'm missing my Uni friends so much at the moment. I wrote my best friend a letter because he's away and I can't ring him but needed to feel like I was talking to him in some way. I'm weird like that.

I'm looking forward to starting afresh next year, with no baggage and no stress, completely free and able to make my own choices and mistakes. I'll probably feel completely homesick by the time I get there but I'm making a pact with myself to not come home once during term unless absolutely necessary - I get too attached to home whenever I do and can't bring myself to go back! 

However being at home for longer than 4 weeks is completely and utterly draining and there's nothing really here for me except my best friends and my family. All of whom I speak to and skype with regularly at Uni and I visit them a lot as well. 

I've got a lot closer to many people this summer at Uni, speaking to them daily, and am now twice as excited to go back and watch these friendships blossom. 

I'm ready.

It just sucks that there are still 5 weeks to go. I will be going to Cornwall and Bournemouth each for a week before though so that will be good. Another escape from my town and everything I dislike about it.


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  1. being with your best buddies is the best part of life. loved the pictures