Friday, 10 August 2012

the new loves of my life - prairie charms

After seeing Wonderful You's giveaway of these gorgeous bracelets I absolutely fell in love! So I entered her giveaway and hoped for the best.

It got to the stage where I couldn't stop thinking about them and decided I absolutely needed them. I started hinting to my best friend immediately. Then, I resigned myself to thinking 'these hints will never work... I need to just go out and get one myself!'

So, after tweeting @Prairie_Charms, I managed to get myself one! A little full body elephant charm on white beeds! I was so excited.

This arrived in the next few days. THEN, on my boyfriend's birthday, I was the one who got a present... He'd bought me, after receiving the hints from my best friend, the 'peace comes from within' buddha bracelet!

An hour later, I received an email from Wonderful You telling me I had won the giveaway!

My luck was definitely in!

You're probably wondering why I'm so in love with these bracelets. I've literally just sent a picture to one of my friends and she's fallen in love as well. I'm starting to think they contain extremely potent love potions!

First of all, they're all hand made and you even have the chance to design your own! 10 percent of the price goes to Great Ormond Street Hospital! So not only are they beautiful, they actually have a beautiful aim as well! Every single one is individual and I can assure you, no one will have a bracelet exactly the same. The wooden beads feel almost spiritual! You'll see, when I post the pictures of my bracelets, they all have a very Eastern theme, which is great for me as I am in love with India, and I'm Indian. But anyway!

They're absolutely fantastic! You don't need to take my word for it, go and have a look for yourself!

Remember, you're not just helping to put something pretty on your wrist, but you're helping GOSH as well! And that can't be bad can it?

What's more, THEY'RE NOT STUPIDLY OVERPRICED! I was dreading clicking on the website and finding there would be no hope for me affording anything as you find with most niche bracelets and jewelry. No, they're perfectly priced! GET ONE or you'll regret it.

I have three. And I'm even tempted to buy more! It might be an addiction, but it's worth it! 

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  1. So glad you like it :) it's such a lovely brand and i'm glad this one went to such a loving home :) xxx