Wednesday, 22 August 2012

wedding week

Last week was probably one of the greatest weeks of my life after May Ball.

My beautiful big cousin got married to the man of her dreams... (n'awh) and I got to dress up in pretty chaniya choli's because of it and dance the nights away and at the reception drink the bar dry!

The wedding, at the Park Lane Hilton hotel, was absolutely fantastic to say the least!

I want to go back and do it all over again. Many of you may know, Indian weddings are not like Western weddings... they are long... and take up many days.

While this was a tiring thought, it ended up being fantastic. I got to spend quality time with my aunts and cousins as well as managing to set my unmarried and single cousin up with my other cousin's best friend!! YES, this kind of stuff actually DOES happen at weddings!

There was a lot of love and flirting in the air that night.

But anyway. PICTURES!


  1. You all look beautiful! Congratulations to the happy couple x

    1. thank you (: it was an amazing week! xxx

  2. The Saris, jewellery and henna artwork are so so beautiful, you all look so amazing. Congratulations to your cousin and her new husband. x x