Wednesday, 10 October 2012

guess who's back.

So I'm back in Cambridge - my time is being taken up by lectures, friends, procrastination and the odd spot of work.

I've enjoyed being back so far - but there's no place like home and I'm missing it more than ever at the moment. I've met some lovely new people, the freshers etc, and am so pleased with my little college family! They're so lovely, and probably mother me more than I'm able to mother them... Its a height thing...

I've also had some films developed and here are a few pictures from one of them. Laziness prevents me from the effort of scanning the rest at the moment. Apologies.

The day we got stranded in Zennor with no phone signal and the next Bus to St. Ives not for another 2 and a half hours... fun.

That's all folks. More shall be uploaded soon, don't you fret! Hope you're all well, apologies for my prolonged absence AND I have exciting NEW collaborations with the fabulous coming up! So watch out for that!

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  1. what a fun post! i enjoy it very much