Wednesday, 31 October 2012

If you've read my blog before, you'll know I have an ardent desire to possess all the items of clothing on this site... And I'm getting there... 

You'll understand the complete SELFLESSNESS I'm displaying by letting you all know about this fantastic website and letting you have the opportunity to buy, and wear, and show off, and love, these beauts!

Here are a few of my favourites... to get you drooling.

These shorts are BEAUTIFUL! I have a very similar pair and they're perfect for the beach (if you're lucky enough to be going abroad this winter... somewhere hot and sunny), they're great with tights for casual, everyday and WINTER wear! They're also fab with a pair of Jeffrey Campbells (though not necessary) for a night out! 


If you're a Uni student, or even if you're not, this bag is perfect for everyday use! I'd buy it myself if I didn't have a billion trillion bags... So PLEASE buy it quickly before I get too tempted and buy it myself. Never show pretty vintage things to a shopaholic... Honestly. 


For those of you who know me, I absolutely love this style. Cute shirts with a collar with the top button done up, tied around the waist is my idea of PERFECTION and BEAUTY rolled into one. Of course, red is always a winner and therefore if you don't buy this you're a muppet... Especially as it's ON SALE! And only £10!! 

Don't take my word for all of this though... go and check the site out yourself!! 

Luckily for me, and all you gals at Cambridge University, and all you followers, I'm one of  TVS!'s Uni Ambassadors!
I'll be giving out leaflets, stickers, etc. And eventually you'll get a chance to enter a few competitions! 

Follow either me (@saranishaadams), or TVS! (@THEVINTAGESET) and keep your eyes open!

If you can't remember my previous TVS! hypes, have a look here and here

ALSO... check out TVS! Facebook page:  The Vintage Set FACEBOOK.

Vintage is a very 'on trend' at the moment - and I personally love it because it's totally unique! Forget Topshop, forget River Island, forget Miss Selfridge; go and buy from TVS! The A/W collection is so perfect with the most wonderful chunky knits to keep you warm this winter but still have you looking glamglamglam! 

If you haven't fallen in love already, trust me, soon, you will! 
It's infectious


  1. Hello sara! I read in IFB that you look for a blogger to collaborate?
    By the way nice blog :) Keep working xx


  2. The shorts are so cute :)