Thursday, 22 November 2012

happy harrods birthday, fatty.

So, for one of my best friend's birthday (my fellow fashion blogger: check out our tumblr here:, we had a glorious tea at Harrods! Unlimited sandwiches, the salmon was my favourite, and champagne, with unlimited tea, scones and cakes! Of course, the food's unlimited but the depths of our stomachs aren't!

I've been to these kind of teas before with my Granny for her birthday at the Dorchester, and Maids of Honour near Kew Gardens. But going with your girls makes it more 'Made In Chelsea', doesn't it?

We certainly felt posh - and trying to find an outfit that's the right amount of posh was difficult! 

I wore my favourite 'rug-like' scarf, with a barbour jacket, a furry hat and a glittery dress with my mum's re-worked vintage pumps. I think it was about right, except I bought myself a new coat from H&M (not harrods).

For Fatty's birthday, we treated her to an Alexander McQueen Scarf! You're only 21 once, right? & she loved it!

I'll shut up now: here are some pictures! 

Seeing all my best friends after what's nearly a whole term at Uni was fantastic! Meeting up in London, even more so! It was just great to be able to spend a really special day with them after so long! 

Going back to Cambridge was a drag and I missed them almost as soon as I jumped on the train back! 

I'd love to do it again some time. Two of my best friends weren't able to go, which was sad and they missed the girly antics and cheeky conversations that probably weren't acceptable for somewhere as posh as Harrods! But of course, we all want to do it again. Perhaps thinking of making it a tradition! 

The salmon sandwiches' alone would have me coming back daily - yes, daily - I couldn't stop eating them and now I can't stop thinking about them.


I've done so much this week; I'll blog when I can about everything! Everything deserves a blog post of its own but its final week and I'm having to compile my essay-portfolios so my time is being taken up; but please please please bare with me: it'll be worth it. Promise! :) 

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