Monday, 5 November 2012

the faded silhouette

Yes - here are some more extremely vain gifs. But, I have a new hat. And I'm getting brave with lipstick and tribal prints... I even wore lipstick out DURING THE DAY!? Those of you who knew me a year ago would be like... 'That's so unlike Sara'... But, I'm getting braver with bold colours and bold prints... And hats. I've got a hat of every colour, size, and design, pretty much.

And I actually wear them.

These photographs were taken mildly inebriated after an infamous Cambridge 'bop', where cocktails of only £1 and a bottle of Rose wine are more than enough to get a little girl of 5'1" completely sloshed.

I've had a great weekend: I went to see Greg Davies at the Corn Exchange with Meeeem, and later we went out and danced the night away, which was fantastic. After eating a wonderful homemade lasagne... my favourite meal. I was caught dancing while eating by my friends - something I didn't realise I did when I enjoyed a meal...

Sunday was a lazy day; my friend and I spent the day with each other motivating each other to work as well as having long deep conversations while I pranced around the room at random intervals and she laughed at my hilarity. I love her. Bezzies.

Anyway... That's enough vanity for a day... the GIFs are mainly for my amusement... SOZ. I literally crack up laughing every time I watch. I hope you do as well. Its good to not take yourself too seriously. Funny faces in pictures are always best. Nothing is worse than the awkward really serious face. Me no likey.


  1. You are so much fun!


    1. haha thank you honey (: its the best way to be xxx

  2. LOVE the hat! And I'm the same with lipstick - I used to feel kinda overdressed wearing it during the day aha :') xoxo

  3. haha awesome! Ive been meaning to learn how to make gifs! they are so fun :)

    Jess XO

    P.s would to know what you think of latest post!

  4. hey there :) I just decided to stop by and let you know that I have nominated your blog for the Liebster blog award! you can read about it in my latest post. xxxx