Tuesday, 13 November 2012

the lights and shadows fly

I'm sorry for my lack of blogging, recently. Life has been really hectic, and its no excuse, but I've found myself completely 'absorbed' by my studies. (It sounded right before I wrote it... now I sound like a muppet...). 

I've had a great few weeks, I suppose. Despite the hard work and the lack of sleep and everything else - but then term is only 8 weeks long; you can survive on 3 hours sleep a night for 8 weeks no problem. 

I spent my weekend at home which was fantastic! Having my lovely mummy cooking me lots of food and pampering me and nagging me about buying new clothes from time to time is everything I love and miss about home. 

Yes - you guessed it, I got my disposable cameras developed. My favourite time of the term. I haven't taken as many photos as I'd wanted to this term - I haven't blogged as much - I haven't written as much - I haven't shopped enough. Ultimately, I've been a failure. Please forgive me. 


  1. Nice photos, you've had great fun!!

  2. I've been absorbed by sch work too and it has only been less than two weeks! my!Mums' cooking is always the best!