Wednesday, 14 November 2012

wake up exhausted

Today, walking through Cambridge after my 2 hour supervision to get myself some goodies and some pain au chocolate, for me, & croissants (of the almond variety) for my friend, I felt grown up for the very first time. I don't know why, nor does it really matter. But for a 5 foot 1(and a half...) tall person, feeling grown up is very rare. And my chubby cheeks have always belied my age. 

Because of this feeling of grown-up-ness, realising that I only have just over a year and a half until the end of my Undergraduate degree, I thought 'I need a day lipstick'. I knew I wanted one. So, I went and got myself one. Red is great - but sometimes you want to blend into the background. Or stand out, subtly. 

 It's a 'Soap and Glory' lipstick, and, after trying it, I'm in love with it. It's extremely subtle and perfect for my skin tone as it has enough brown tones combined with the peachy-pinky tone to stand out enough and give my lips some colour. It's the 'Naked Beige' one. It also feels moisturising, rather than drying, like a lot of lipsticks! And it's not sticky and horrid like lipgloss (eww).

I've been wearing my new 'Ralph Lauren' top today, which, when I ordered it, (on sale £28!), I thought it was a plain striped top. I love striped tops, always have done. I actually think they're really flattering, even though many people say 'horizontal stripes are fattening', whatevz man! 

However, after getting it, it turned out to have clear (but glittery) sequins on along the stripes. I didn't like this at first, but now I think it adds something! I decided to pair it with my off-white necklace from topshop which has a similar sheen, and the horizontal stripes looked kinda cool with the semi-circle of the necklace... Yaah, I'm weird. And specific.

You'll see my new boots - not that new, but they have a buckle at the side which is cuuuute and, despite being an ankleboot gal, I've found a lot of my boots cut my leg off just where it gets fat - these are pretty good. They also have a slight heel so I'm taller and I clip clop around college which I LOVE. My leggings, if you're a friend, you'll have seen me wearing them. They're from RIVER ISLAND ages ago, with a ribbed pattern down the leg, and they're 'structured' in a sense. I love them - so comfy, and thick material thus warm and NOT SEE THROUGH. And high-waisted. A must for me. 

My 'saturation' on my webcam is quite bad but you can see the lipstick has given my colourless lips a bit of colour even here... Right. The reason this is such a long post is because I'm bored and want to procrastinate before facing my mountain of work! 

I also treated myself to a good quality eyelash brush + eyelash curlers (never before owned) and my fave mascara. I'm a new mascara devotee - never really used it daily before. But now I've noticed mascara actually protects my lashes and has made them get long! YAY! 


  1. miss you titchy

  2. you're a beauty and yes, i know the feeling about being grown up ahah

  3. The nude lips are my fav because they just add a bit of brightness! They are perfect for people with not too subtle lips!