Monday, 3 December 2012

happily ever after

So, term has officially ended but I'm still in Cambridge for the next three days finishing work (or sitting in bed watching youtube videos of disney villains, currently Ursula). I thought I'd do an 'instagram' post of a few photographs I've instagrammed (though not necessarily taken) these past few weeks. 

After going out copious amounts these past two weeks, I found myself bed-ridden with a tummy bug on Friday which meant rather than spending a valuable day with my best friend before he jetted off (on a coach) to Val Thorens, I had him running round getting me lucozade and ribena, etc. I also missed Christmas Formal, which is rubbish because I haven't been to enough formals this term and I've never been to Christmas formal. 

My 'THE VINTAGE SET!' Ambassador role has been going well! In the above photograph you can see one of my most recent purchases from the site - an amazing sparkly, very Christmassy, jumper! I love it! Its so warm and so many people have asked me where it's from. 

So I treated myself to new VELVET and SEQUINNED leggings from topshop the other day and wore them out to Fez one night. They're so comfortable and perfect for a bit of glam. And they feel so good when you stroke them. I wore my old peplum top with them which I think was just right - I've missed that peplum top. So this was the first night out of term that I truly put my all into and I absolutely loved it.

This was my first taste of arabic tea, and the glasses were so cute I had to take a picture. The food - not so much. No offence.

So now I've procrastinated for at least 50 minutes, I'm still in bed, and still not prepared to do work and I'm definitely going to just sit in bed and read a book and call it a day. Luckily I still have a few friends left in Cambridge - they haven't all abandoned me. Tomorrow I may be going back to 'The Fountain' which is probably my favourite bar/club in Cambridge at the moment, because its completely relaxed downstairs and although I love dressing up for a night out, I also love dressing down but shoving a pair of heels on. The Fountain is the place for that. But I'll only be going there if I've done enough work... I don't see that happening.

I can't WAIT to go home. But I'm already missing all my Uni friends, which sucks. And why does everything have to get interesting and exciting in every part of my life at the end of term, right when you have to leave? AH. Sod's law. 

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  1. looks like yr having a nice time girl :) wanna stay in touch with Google/FB if you want :) Wld love to see u over at my blog!