Friday, 4 January 2013

iPad hype

So I decided to treat myself to an iPad mini for Christmas and my birthday and yesterday, after much anticipation and hope, it arrived! Small, slender and sleek, it's my new best friend. I've never been a fan of the iPad but the iPad mini is the perfect size for me! There's been a lot of stick about the mini's screen resolution and its lacking a retina display, but unless you're a super techy person who needs super fine photo quality beyond the visibility of the human eye, then the iPad mini is perfect. I've not noticed any problems with the screen and I've been using it for hours on end, pretty much!

Anyway, this is not a review. But if it were it would basically be a love letter. Now I can Instagram things so much more easily - before I would take a photograph on my phone and email it to my iPod and then Instagram. Now I can just take a photo from my iPad! Oh dear, addiction calls!
Hopefully my iPad will allow me to blog much more freely - maybe the photo quality won't be as good for the iPad posts - Instagram all the way- but I'm sure my readers won't mind.

I'm looking out for a nice new case to cuddle my iPad at night etc so if any of you find any online please let me know! :)

Here are a few Instagram/other shots from my iPad and my new disposable blog! Inspired by the lovely Carina at I've been wanting to document only film/disposable shots in a blog for ages but never quite had the guts but I've gone and done it with a nudge from Carina! Tumblr was always going to be my best best - easy and simple.

Anyway, enjoy!


  1. congrats on your new ipad mini! I'm planning to upgrade my ipod touch 4th gen to 5th gen, best of luck for me :p :)


  2. Welcome new iPad owner! I take my iPad everywhere I go! Uploading pictures for blog posts isn't as easy as when using a laptop or a desktop, but there are bunch of apps you can download (like blogger and google+) that make it easier!!!