Tuesday, 19 February 2013


I'm sorry! I'm so sorry! I am! I promise. But I'm also not sorry... at all.

I haven't been writing on here... AT ALL because I've actually been busy, and enjoying Uni... And it seems I'm a bad multitasker, and also a moaner... It seems I only really use this blog when I want to moan, or when I'm bored... And quite frankly, neither reason has arisen this term.

This term has, quite easily, been the first term of Uni I have completely and utterly enjoyed so far. I'm on top of work, and am actually enjoying it, getting my teeth stuck into the dissertation. I've been partying hard, and making loads of new friends. I've even been indulging in 'library crawls', starting off in my college library, moving to the faculty library, and then the University Library. While it's totally sad that my social life seems to centre around these 'library dates', I don't care at all. Maybe this is the only University where you know you'll see more people you know in the library than you will walking to town... If so, then I'm glad I'm here. 

I'm motivated... but at the same time completely not motivated. But whatever! 

Here are some pictures, starting from my birthday and moving up to a few weeks ago. Disposable cameras have been by backup. Easy.

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