Tuesday, 5 March 2013

romance layers

Sun! After waking up at 9.20 having slept through my alarm, with a supervision at 9.30, and managing to get to the place at 9.37, I'd say it was pretty good going, though a rushed start to the day resulted in my near-death-experience on a bike....

But I'm alive to tell the tale.

My friend and I saw sun and thought 'kopparburg!' immediately but our college bar doesn't serve before 6... Bit rubbish,

So we drove to the co-op only to find they had no kopparburg in stock. We settled for fruit bulmers. Yay.

I wrote an essay out on the grass in the sun now I'm sure I have sun stroke (it wasn't even that hot). It's amazing how British weather is so rarely sunny, any opportunity girls and guys throw off their clothes, put their flip flops on (though it seems people like wearing flip flops here in all weathers), and walk around in the nude hoping to extract every little UV ray the sun has to offer.

I won't deny, it was chilly. But it's the first time I've worn a short sleeved shirt and Toms since summer... Crazy. I'd happily live like this every day.

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  1. very beautiful! stay warm :)

    hope you can visit mine gain sometime :)